How Does An Execution Plan Suddenly Change When The Statistics (And Everything Else) Remains The Same ? (In Limbo)

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I’ve slipped this post in as there have been a number of discussions recently on how execution plans have changed while nothing else appears to have changed in the database. How can an execution plan suddenly change when no one has made any changes to the database ?
By no changes, it means that there have been no alterations to any segments, no new indexes have been added, no changes associated  bind peeking (indeed, there may not even be any bind variables), no parameters changes, no new patches or upgrades, no new outlines or profiles, no new system stats and perhaps most prevalent of all, no changes to any CBO statistics.
The DBA hasn’t touched a thing and yet suddenly, for no apparent reason, execution plans suddenly change and (say) an inappropriate index is suddenly used and causes performance degradation.
How can this be possible ?
There are…

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Clustering Factor: A Consideration in Concatenated Index Leading Column Decision (Sweet Thing)

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Short but sweet today.

I last discussed how high cardinality columns shouldn’t necessarily be in the leading column of a concatenated index as  they don’t provide the performance benefit as sometimes claimed.

If all things are equal and the columns in the concatenated index are all likely to be referenced, a simple consideration that is often forgotten when deciding which column to have as the leading index column is the Clustering Factor of the corresponding columns.

As previously discussed, the Clustering Factor  determines how well aligned or ordered the index entries are in relation to the rows in the parent table. So if the rows are ordered within the table on a particular column or columns (such as a sequential ID column, a monotonically increasing date or time-stamp, etc), then an index on these columns is likely to have a very good Clustering Factor. Consequently less IOs will be required to retrieve all the required rows…

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Important !! Clustering Factor Calculation Improvement (Fix You)

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Believe me, this article is worth reading :)

I’m currently not allowed to discuss Oracle 12c Database goodies but I am allowed to discuss things perhaps initially intended for 12c that are currently available and already back-ported to 11g. This includes a wonderful improvement in the manageability of how the Clustering Factor (CF) of an index can now be calculated. Many thanks to Martin Decker for pointing this out to me.

As anyone who has attended my Index Seminars will know, the CF of an index is one of the most important statistics used by the Cost Based Optimizer (CBO) in determining the most efficient execution plan. As such, it has always been an issue for me that the manner in which the CF is calculated has been so flawed.

Basically, the CF is calculated by performing a Full Index Scan and looking at the rowid of each index entry. If the…

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Reuse Of Empty Index Leaf Blocks (Free Four)

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A recent question by Stalin Subbiah has prompted me to write a quick post on the reuse of empty leaf blocks. In part, the question asked:

«Is there anyway I could monitor the effectiveness of empty blocks being reused from freelist of an index resulting from purge process that we are planning to start soon?»

I’ve previously discussed how Oracle can recycle index blocks that contain nothing but deleted index entries as such blocks are effectively added to the index freelist to be reused by subsequent index block splits. In my «Index Internals — Rebuilding The Truth» presentation, I mention a number of methods of how to see this reuse in operation, such as via block dumps, tree dumps and INDEX_STATS.

However, another simple method which I don’t think I’ve discussed here before is the use of the DBMS_SPACE package. So to help answer Stalin’s question, a simple…

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